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Providing HR Truck Driving Course Details in Perth

HR Course

TLIC 3004 Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle

An HR Licence allows the holder to drive a Heavy Rigid vehicle – more than 8 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (no axle limit) +/- trailer (max 9 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass).

C-class license for at least 2 years or Light Rigid (LR) for at least 1 year or Medium Rigid (MR) for at least 1 year.

HR-A (Automatic)

Automatic only - Holders of HR-A licence can only operate a HR vehicle with an automatic gearbox. Opportunities driving buses or coaches, most only require automatic licence.

HR-B (Synchromesh/Manual)

Synchromesh or automatic-only Synchromesh (single clutch) - A HR-B licence entitles the holder to drive HR vehicles with automatic and Synchromesh gearboxes. HR-B licence opens many employment possibilities, many logistic companies as well as mining companies have a fleet of Synchromesh heavy vehicles.

HR (Road Ranger/Crash/Double Clutch)

The HR Licence entitles the holder to drive HR vehicles with an automatic, Synchromesh and double clutch gearbox.

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